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Map of Anishinabi Lake

Surface Area: 8,400 acres
Maximum Depth: 290 feet
Mean Depth: 103 feet
Shoreline: 46 miles not counting islands
Elevation: 1200 above sea level
Volume: 281.58 billion gallons
Latitude: 50°26'
Longitude: 93°28'
Game Fish: Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Perch, Whitefish, Burbot
Feeder Fish: Lake Herring, Sucker, Chub, Dace
Satellite Lakes: Surrounding lakes are boiling with unbelievable numbers of Walleyes but there are very few in Anishinabi Lake. Smallmouth Bass have moved into the area and are considered an invasive species. They can be found in good numbers down stream from Williams' Narrows. The population in Anishinabi Lake is growing fast they are getting big.

Printable Contour Map of Anishinabi Lake
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