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Black Bear Hunting

Black Bear hunting is a time honored tradition here at Anishinabi Lodge. David spent his life helping his dad prepare for the Black Bear hunt and continues the tradition with the knowledge and skills that produce a highly productive and enjoyable bear hunting experience.

Anishinabi Lodge's Black Bear Management Area (BMA) is located north of Vermilion Bay and west of Ear Falls in a region that has a diverse terrain with many lakes, streams and rocky outcrops. There is an abundance of food and good denning areas, thus the survival rate of the bears over the winter is excellent and many males can grow old and huge. The average size Black Bear in the area is around 200 pounds, which is much larger than the Ontario average. Guests have harvested multiple bears over the last few years in the 300 to 450 pound range. Black Bears in the 250 to 350 range are a reasonable expectation but we don't want you to think there are a bunch of 450 pounders walking around the lodge. A Black Bear that large is rare and is considered an extreme trophy.

Sightings are always 100% while harvest rates are usually between 80% and 90%. Some of our hunting guests have been hunting bears for years and are more inclined to pass on a lot of smaller bears hoping for that big trophy. Sometimes they are rewarded for their patience and sometimes not. It's the adventure factor and the comfortable accommodations that really make our Black Bear hunts an enjoyable vacation.

We are far enough west to be in a region where Cinnamon Black Bears and Chocolate Black Bears are available but they are not as common as the pitch-black American Black Bears.

We only take two bear hunting groups per year so that we can keep the bear population high and the success rate of our hunting guests high. We generally have eight bates spread out a couple miles apart and are baited well before the hunt with a family secret of goodies that the big bears love. The baits are set up so that archery hunters can get a good clean shot within a desired distance. Rifle hunters and Black Power hunters are also welcome.
Black Bear hunters are also welcome to take advantage of the fantastic fishing. We have Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass fishing. Some of our guests hunt in the morning and then go catch a few Walleyes for dinner during the day and then head back out to the baited stands in the evening when the bears are really active again. Do to liability issues and the extreme cost of insurance, we ask that bear hunters bring their own portable tree stands or ground blinds.

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