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Fly-in or Drive-in Option

Fly-in: Most of our guests fly into the lodge via Wilderness Air Service, which their airbase is located a couple of miles north of Vermilion Bay on Highway 647. Smaller groups will be flown in with a de Havilland Beaver while bigger groups will be flown in with a de Havilland Otter. Over-weight cargo is flown in on a Cessna 185.

The weight limit is 130 pounds per person. Only pack what you need. "I better take this just in case" is the biggest reason why guests are overweight. Just take what you need.

To avoid being over weight it's best for you to arrange to have all your beer, pop and water flown in ahead of time. Just give us a call and tell us what you need. Beer or pop must be in cans and in unopened cases. A 24 case of beer in cans weighs 20 pounds. No explosive material is allowed on the plane such as fire crackers, fireworks or signal flares. In addition; portable propane bottles or any container containing compressed gas needs to be reported to the pilot.

Overweight Charges: If you are over-weight and a second flight is needed it will cost you $380. If the plane is already flying over-weight cargo from another group then, if there is enough room for your gear, you will be charged $1.00 to $1.65 per pound depending on fuel prices.


Guests who own a 4x4 Pickup, Jeep or SUV can get within a mile of Anishinabi Lake via a remote wilderness ATV road. From this spot we transport you by ATV to the lake and then by boat to the lodge. If you wish to get into the lodge in this manor please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.

Winter: During the winter the only way to the lodge is an extremely enjoyable 40-mile snowmobile ride through ATV trails and beautiful wilderness.