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Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Smallmouth Bass are pound-for-pound the hardest fighting fish in Ontario and this far north in our sparkling-clean parasite-free water the Smallmouth Bass is also a fantastic tasting fish. Many people say they cannot tell the difference between Bass and Walleye.

Smallmouth Bass are actually considered an invasive species in the Arctic Watershed and only started showing up in our water system about ten years ago. We first started catching them down stream below William's Narrows but they now have a foothold in Anishinabi Lake. They are prolific little devils with their numbers increasing exponentially. With Anishinabi Lake being a rocky Canadian Shield Lake with a very dense forage base of Lake Herring, Chad, Cisco, Chub, Suckers and unlimited numbers of Crayfish (Crawdads); conditions are perfect for Smallmouth Bass to grow fast and grow big.
Smallmouth Bass are a welcome addition to our fantastic fishing and are giving our guests more options. The Smallmouth Bass being caught are mostly in the 1 to 3 pound range. There have been a couple really big bass in the 20 inch range get caught and released. You will come across bass while Pike fishing just about everywhere in Anishinabi Lake but the bigger Smallmouth Bass are taken at the north end of the lake or through William's Narrows and down stream into Halvorsen Lake and the weedy narrows past.
We have had guests target Smallmouth Bass and they have done really well. They report catching tons of smaller ones and coming back to camp with a stringer of 3-pounders. The Smallmouth Bass fishing is improving leaps and bounds and every year we are going to have to re-write our fishing description. Anishinabi Lake is turning into a world-class Smallmouth Bass fishery.

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