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Walleye Fishing

Walleye are in more demand than all other gamefish in Ontario put together. They are a fun and easy fish to catch, especially here at Anishinabi Lodge. They are also thought by many fishermen & fisherwomen to be the best tasting fish on Earth.

The simple truth is that you will catch 100 times as many Walleyes during a week of fishing when you fish remote fly-in lakes that are protected from public access. Here at Anishinabi Lodge we are very fortunate to have trails and ATV paths to nine remote backcountry Walleye lakes and one fly-in Trophy Walleye Lake, where you will experience incredible numbers as well as good sizes.

Zizania Lake is our premier fly-in Trophy Walleye Lake and it's extremely popular with our guests. This lake for many years was a catch-&-release only conservation lake. Then the laws changed in 2013 and now you are allowed to eat a couple of Walleyes under 18 inches for shore lunch but you are not allowed to take any Walleyes out with you. This lake is just boiling with Walleyes. They average 24 inches with many big trophies over 30 inches being caught and released. On an average day you if you are fishing hard you should catch between 80 and 100 Walleyes. We have had guests report catching way more in an afternoon. There have been exceptional days where guests have run into big school and caught one Walleye after another all day long until their arms felt like wet noodles. We have had guests report catching over 250 Walleyes per boat in a day on Zizania Lake.
We have walking trails and ATV trails leading to Howard Lake, Burden Lake, Trapper Shack Lake, Gahuna Lake and three lakes we call Lakes #1, #2 & #3. All these lakes have outstanding Walleye fishing with Walleyes being common in the 19 to 24-inch range. Guests do catch bigger Walleyes on these lakes but because they are smaller lakes and totally over-populated with Walleye; larger Walleye like you get in Zazania Lake are rare. You might catch a couple in the 25 to 27-inch range. A 30-inch Walleye in these lakes is very rare. These are lakes where you will catch 15 to 30 Walleyes per hour. On these lakes it takes minutes to catch enough Walleyes for shore lunch so you do not need to keep them in the morning. The 16" and 17" Walleyes are the best fillet size for the frying pan and taste fanatastic.

We have licensed boat caches on these lakes so only our guests are allowed to fish them. Our portage lakes have comfortable Naden & Lund fishing boats with dependable Yamaha motors.

Fishing is not just about catching fish and eating fish; it's about satisfying your craving for adventure. As a guest of Anishinabi Lodge, you have the opportunity to travel back in time and explore pristine lakes surrounded by gorgeous untouched wilderness. The only thing louder than your heartbeat will be the haunting calls of loons.

Our backcountry portage lakes are accessible by walking, ATV or floatplane. You will have tons of fun, catch lots of fish and see some real spectacles of nature. Some of the lakes are easier to get into than others so if someone if your group has physical challenges please let us know before you attempt the portage.

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