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I've been coming to Anishinabi Lodge for 30 years and I must say; this last trip was probably the best fishing we've ever had! Our small group caught over 50 Lake Trout, well over 100 Walleyes and some trophy Northern Pike. I actually caught a 43" Pike, my son a 42" Pike and another member of our party a 40" Pike (all released of course).

The amount of fish and the size of them were extraordinary! We stayed in the log cabin and I just love the view, overlooking Anishinabi. The hospitality was great, fishing was awesome and I can't wait till next year! We absolutely love Anishinabi Lodge!

Thanks for a wonderful week.

Rod Johnson
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

We called it Little Zizania Lake and first fished the lake in 1957. Many 28" to 33" Walleyes over the years. Largest pike was 50.25". So yes there is a trophy of a lifetime in that lake. We only took in 2 different pike baits to fish with; both 1oz dardevels in red/white & 5-of-diamonds. Our tackle box could almost fit in your back pocket. We made many successful trips over the years into that lake. Many fond memories. I hope your other guests enjoy the lake as much as we have.

Thank you again for a great web site as your pictures of the area bring back many great memories.

Rex Thorne
Indiana - 2014


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the best fishing experiences of my life time. The scenery is superb and the fishing is phenomenal. All equipment and all cabins are very clean and up to date. Obviously my personal favorite is the beautiful log cabin. I fished for 12 yrs in Canada prior to discovering your fishing paradise. None compare to the enjoyment Anishinabi Lodge provides. The opportunity to fish walleye, northern, lake trout and small mouth bass each and everyday and in various different lakes is what sets your lodge apart from all previous fishing experiences. I can promise you that I will return each and every year that the good Lord gives me on this earth.

Merle Dinslage
Papillion, Ne.

The first time I was at Anishinabi Lodge was on a bear hunt in September of 2006. Some friends had planned the trip and had a cancellation. I was asked to go about 3 weeks before the hunt. I was very impressed with the facilities. Duncan and David are very personable guys. The bear hunting was excellent with six hunter's harvested six bears. The bonus on this trip was the quality and quantity of the fishing.

I was so impressed that I booked a fishing trip the next summer for my family. I have been back fishing several times since. In September of 2014 I will be going on my 3rd bear hunt at Anishinabi. My experiences at Anishinabi have been nothing but great!

Jim Spaulding

My first visit to lake was this year(2013). David and his accommodations exceeded my expectations. Our group spent one week, and we were able to spend a few nights in a new cabin near the main lodge, and a few nights at the outpost. Both spots gave us great fishing near by! It may have been my first, but I am returning this year and in the future. Thanks, for the best fishing and lodge experience of my life!

Dean Horst,
Gretna, Ne

On June 27, 2013, we flew into Zizania lake and caught 220 walleye in 5 hours. Four guys, one boat, no bait - artificial only, light rain. All we had to do was figure out the pattern. Lets see, every color of Fuzz-e-grub jigs worked, every depth worked, every kind of structure worked, the whole lake worked. The only pattern was you needed a hook in the water. In 17 fishing trips to Ontario I have never seen anything like it. We fished for 3 hours before we caught a Walleye small enough to keep for dinner. Another group of fisherman flew in with us that day. Between the two groups we had 9 fisherman and caught/released over 500 walleyes that afternoon. That's a fact Jack!

Jake Daniel
St. Louis, MO


Our group has been coming to Anishinabi Lodge for over 30 consecutive years. While the accommodations, boats and motors, etc has been steadily updated the most important aspect, "the fishing success" has become much improved. The management of the lake fishery is at the heart of the the improvement.

The annual trip to Anishinabi lodge is like a trip home and a family reunion. We have made numerous friends with the other guests as well as David, Duncan and their families. Many of the guests have been fishing at Anishinabi for years as well and we have seen David and Duncan's families grow-up.

The bottom line is: there is no better testimonial to the experience at Anishinabi than returning for over 30 years, we will be back next year too.

Rich Helbling

We've been coming to Anishinabi Lodge for over 25 years now and it's a trip I will not miss. It's just a great place to not only catch fish, but to relax and enjoy the serenity and beauty of Ontario, Canada. The hospitality could not be better and the fishing is great! I enjoy the variety…one day you can go after big Lake Trout and Northern Pike on Anishinabi and the next day you can make an easy portage to many other area lakes that feature an abundance of Walleyes. Now when I say an easy portage, I'm talking about ATV's and trails that bring you directly to the lake where a boat and motor await you! The cabins are great, the sauna is relaxing, the sunsets are amazing, the fish fry is delicious and the memories last a lifetime. A trip to Anishinabi Lodge will be one of the best fishing trips you've ever experienced.

Rod Johnson,
Cannon Falls, Minnesota